Progressive Painting CustomersElastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Wall Coatings or "EWCs" has the ability to bridge the cracks that can develop in a masonry wall.

EWCs are formulated especially for flexibility so that they can stretch to span a crack as it expands due to change in temperature. The paint then returns to it's original shape without wrinkling when the crack contracts. This ability results in long lasting, uniform finish that enhances the appearance of a masonry building.

These coatings use binders that provide considerably greater flexibility and elasticity than conventional masonry paints. Other high-quality masonry paints are relatively thin and cannot stretch and recover dimensions of a surface crack. When appearance and protection from damaging elements through cracks are required, an elastomeric wall coatings is the best choice because of the unique combination of decorative and prospective properties. You can expect to receive up to a 10 year warranty which makes it a sound investment for most projects!